• Overview
    The Catacombs can secure your Units and Resources in the event of an attack. Units inside the Catacombs will be protected in the event of a Raid, but also unable to participate in your Stronghold's defense.

    While there is no limit to the number and type of Units that can be secured in the Catacombs, the amount of Resources that are automatically stored in your Catacombs is determined by its upgrade Level.

    The Catacombs have 2 interface tabs:
    1. "Info" - This tab displays the amount of your Resources that will be protected in your Catacombs at its current upgrade Level. You will also see the amount of Resources required to upgrade it.
    2. "In Catacombs" - This tab allows you to view the Units you currently have in your Catacombs, add more, or recall them.

    All secured Units are displayed at the Keep.
    It takes less than one minute to send Units to the Catacombs. If your Stronghold has been successfully scouted, your hidden army will not be listed in the enemy's Report.